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Seeing as XT:Commerce uses php you can download the redirect file here download index.php After downloading, please add your domainName to line 6.

For more information regarding setting up the redirect we refer you to setting up the redirect guidelines. When the redirect is working, follow the instruction for setting up the conversion registration below.

We have created a general TradeTracker conversion handler file for xt:Commerce 3 that must be placed on your server. No modifications must be made to this file.

Download the tradetracker.php file for xt:Commerce here

Log in to your FTP account and upload the tradetracker.php file to the /includes/ folder of your xt:Commerce installment.

Open and edit the file checkout_success.php that is located in the root of your XT:Commerce installation. Within checkout_success.php locate the following line of code:

$main_content = $smarty->fetch(CURRENT_TEMPLATE.'/module/checkout_success.html');
ABOVE this line place the following code:

// Begin Tradetracker xt:Commerce code
$tt_campaignID = '[marker]CAMPAIGN_ID[/marker]';
$tt_productID = '[marker]PRODUCT_ID[/marker]';
$tt_imageTag = include './includes/tradetracker.php';
$smarty->assign('tt_imageTag', $tt_imageTag);
// End TradeTracker xt:Commerce code

Save and/or upload the file to your server.

Locate your checkout_success.html template file. This file is part of the theme your are using. and normally would be found at the following location:


Open and edit the file checkout_success.html and at the bottom of this file add the following code:

<!-- TradeTracker conversion tracking start -->
<!-- TradeTracker conversion tracking end -->

Save and/or upload the file to your server.

If your redirect is working the implementation can be tested.

Please keep in mind that although we do our very best to cover a wide variety of different implementations and web shop systems, programming languages and conversion registration methods for different situations, we want to state here that they are all merely examples and are not guaranteed to work for your specific situation or specific conversion or tracking needs. The reason for this is that the implementation descriptions provided are based on default system configurations and do not take system configuration settings, customisations and usage of plug-ins into account. Besides that there are also a lot of other variables that can have impact on the correct working of our tracking and conversion registration which we just can't know upfront. In case you do encounter or experience issues when implementing our tracking, please report this to your account manager and describe (in detail) the steps you took and if it's possible, provide the code and/or files you are using for your implementation to the account manager.
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